Saturday, September 27, 2014

About the Clooney wedding and what to say to Anna Wintour at dinner

Only in Italy can paparazzi look glam. I have never been in Venice and this picture makes me realize I must go. Although I love living in Hong Kong, I feel starved for architectural beauty and art. The Daily Mail (from where I pinched these pictures) cleverly (yes cleverly!) contrasted this scene with a Canaletto painting of a similar vista in the 1700's.

This picture was intriguing as well - it was taken at a dinner before the wedding I think, and it's in one of those old school Italian restaurants where the food may be sublime but the atmosphere is lacking. I have always wondered why the people who build some of the most beautiful buildings on the outside pay so little attention to the look of the buildings on the inside. And when you have white undecorated walls, the yellow lighting is going to be very harsh for sure. So here we have John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and next to John a girl with her hair pulled in a gym bun (Matt Damon's wife?), a bald man, and a middle aged couple with no obvious style, all sitting with Anna Wintour in her perfect dress, her perfect jewels, and her perfect bob. I bet the girl with gym bun is feeling the pressure. What does one say to Anna Wintour at a dinner like this? And look at the women at the back table - are they part of the wedding or just accidental diners with a great story to tell for the rest of their lives?

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