Friday, July 20, 2012

Woozy Shopping in Europe

Shopping in Europe isn't really much different anymore from the United States or Hong Kong. There are so many global chain stores now that pretty much the same is on offer in most big cities. What I love best about shopping in Europe is the coffee, lunch, and wine breaks. You are not stuck in characterless mall restaurants but everywhere you look are adorable places to have a rest and admire your purchases before you go on and do some more... 

Roermond, Holland

Roermond, Holland

Waalwijk, Holland

You indulge in some frites and some red wine, and then you hit the shops again. There's nothing like a bit of tipsy shopping. Although it can (not infrequently) result in impulse buys... I am still not sure what I think of these sale boots. But I do remember I had lots of fun buying them.

It's really nice to be home though... COS has opened in Hong Kong!!! Queen's Road Central on the corner of Pottinger Street.

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