Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don't forget your belt

Today a friend came over for an afternoon drink, and looking like quite the slob at 5 minutes to 4, I quickly threw on a belt to pull together a rather basic outfit of lilac Current Elliott jeans and a Club Monaco men's button-down and I think I managed to look like I made an little bit of effort.

This was a not inexpensive belt from Tods, but the money was totally worth it terms of price per wear. My thinking is, if you see a belt with a great buckle, get it right then and there. There just aren't that many good belts around. JCrew always does nice inexpensive ones, but a quick search through my other fave sites came up with very little. There are lots of belts around with interesting detail, but if it is not focused on the buckle, there really is no point to having detail at all. The belt below left is by my fellow country men Viktor and Rolf - it has braiding in the back, but the front bit is a flat navy leather bow, which is hardly going to stand out between your shirt and your trousers. Much better bet to buy the belt on the right by Linea Pelle, which is simple, but has its detail on the front.

Belts from

Left: Yves Saint Laurent at and right: JCrew at

The Yves Saint Laurent belt on the left is a great timeless design (although not cheap) and the JCrew vachetta leather belt will go with absolutely everything. The buckle is simple but a really nice shape.

Left:: Banana Republic on and right: Balmain on

The Balmain belt on the right has the kind of baroque details that end up looking a bit eighties to my eye (that said Balmain is probably the hottest editorial brand at this moment). 

Left: MSMG at and right: Fendi at

The Fendi belt on the right has a lovely buckle, but more than a little bit "inspired" by Hermes I suspect. I scoured many many pages of belts on (the site will consolidate the belt choices at most of the big US websites for you) and it is slim pickings. So if you see a great buckle, buy the belt!

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