Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reduce Re-use Recycle

There was a little article in Vogue a few years ago about the style of some stylist (aren't I eloquent?), and her frustration at the constant changes in fashion. Anyway, I never got that picture out of my mind, but lost the magazine it was in. Then the girls from featured it, so here it is. The dreamy bright white Chanel bag with the gold hardware, the stripy shirt, the Birkin, the dark blue jeans, the black blazer, the navy scarf. Would I be forever satisfied if I owned just those perfect items? Probably not. And nothing really lasts forever when you wear it all the time. But if you were inclined to scale down the size of your wardrobe, I think planning outfits around navy and white is a really good way to start.

photo from

Play around with prints or patterns other than stripes as well to keep yourself from getting bored. 

Embroidered blouse from and star t-shirt from Some days I feel too short for flats and can't be bothered with heels, and that's when I love a 60s block heel. Love how they are pussy bow demure but yet go so well with skinnies and a blazer. These navy blue ones would suit the stylish stylist perfectly.

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