Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peplum Panic

There's nothing like a peplum story to get your attention, right? I do realize I am pushing the boundaries of what a fun fashion read should be about, but I am genuinely flummoxed here. I love a peplum, I am a total child of the eighties so didn't waste a second to pick up these two skirts at, from left to right, Carven and the Marni Outlet in Ap Lei Chau.

But now what do I put on top? I have tried everything, and nothing works without tucking it in. I haven't tucked anything in since 1979, cos it makes me feel old, and suddenly my torso is very short and my butt is very long. And the top becomes a bit blousy and then the proportions start fighting the peplum look. The only thing that may work is one of those awful eighties body suits with snaps in the crotch. Cos then at least your top would stay smoothly tucked in. I could do with some fashion advice. Girls?

If you are inclined to try a peplum yourself, do not buy a skirt with a peplum. Instead buy a peplum top and wear a plain pencil skirt underneath it. Makes all the difference.

JDC camera print top tucked into a Carven peplum skirt - so wrong in so many ways. Bra would have been good for one. A few more belly-erasing teasers perhaps, Carey?

Peplum Top and plain skirt, so much better! photo from

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