Friday, May 11, 2012

New Pilates Studio and Old Fiona Dress

Ever so often you don't have the time or energy to love fashion. I have had two weeks like that - just out of the blue 2 crap weeks where I couldn't care less what I was putting on my body every day. But I was saved by our own JDCamicetta Fiona dress, that has got to be my all time favorite garment, because you always look nice in it without making the slightest effort. I didn't sit entirely still these 2 weeks, I did pay a visit to the brand new pilates studio AiR, founded by two very experienced former Aberdeen Marina Club pilates instructors. I decided to drive myself to the studio on Jaffe Road in Wanchai and parked right inside the building in the Imperial hourly car park. The first thing that struck me when I walked into AiR is the beautiful lighting. I have no idea how the girls achieved it, but basically, you suddenly look rosy and gorgeous when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the surrounding mirrors. I could soooo spend some time here.

The awesome Gyrotonic machine is the star of the room, a beautifully designed machine with an infinite number of applications. I watched a demonstration by amazingly lean and fit founder Lorna, and was intrigued by the opposing forces at work while she alternately contracts and lengthens her muscles in flowing peaceful movements. This is not just any pilates studio, these girls really know what they are doing. I highly encourage you to check AiR (Air Integrate Release) out for yourself. You will most likely see me there just bathing in that gorgeous pink light....

AiR Studio 
10/F, Unit A, Times Tower
391-407 Jaffe Road
(between Marsh Road and Canal Road West)
Call 2891 - 9976 for an appointment

Still my fave Fiona dress of all time!

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