Sunday, May 27, 2012

All Grown Up (surely only temporarily)

JDCamicetta "Fiona" dress

kate spade bag from the olden days, kate spade dress from this season

I have been feeling like such a grown-up this week. Had a very significant anniversary and felt like wearing lady-like clothes all week. The Fiona in the first pic is just so gorgeous, what a shame we will never have this fabric again. There is a small chance the lovely Gaye Gibson at Sidewalk has one of these left if you are interested. On my actual anniversary my husband and I had lunch at Cafe Grey and shopped a bit afterwards (my total dream scenario) and I bought a pink and white stripy kate spade dress. Far too pretty and sweet for me usually, but like I said, I am having a grown up fashion moment. Cheers to that!
And cheers as well to the Dutch dad of my gorgeous friend Melbourne Fashion Girl.

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