Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Every Day Clothes and Isabel Marant

I love fashion and I know you all do too, but like I have said before, I do have times when I can't be bothered. I caught a decorating bug after my new antique bedroom cabinet arrived and then the weather turned horrendous with black rainstorms and lightning. We have had lightning storms for 3 days straight and it is dense with fog here on the Peak. 

When I feel like this about fashion it's always the Isabel Marant clothes I grab in the morning. I don't have loads actually, but the things I do have I wear very often. Basically, they are as comfortable as the stuff you have owned for years from say, Gap. But Isabel always pushes a basic just a tiny bit further. Take the blue shorts in the middle for instance. They are oversized petrol blue cotton/linen shorts, which are all over the shops right now. But in Isabel's version the pockets stand away from the shorts a tiny bit, the waist band is folded, and everything gets cinched with a leather ribbon. They are just as easy to wear and as comfortable as all the other shorts in the shops, except these are going to make you feel like you actually made an effort. Which you didn't.

I am thinking a lot about how to shop lately, and rather than spending money on going-out-clothes I want to concentrate on buying really good comfortable and washable clothes for day. Because if that is all you have in your wardrobe, you will still look great and feel nice on the days you can't be bothered with fashion. 

Of course you will have to throw out all the old duds (t-shirts from the Hema, Amy???) that you have been keeping for all these years just in case you need them for pajamas or gardening.

What I also like about Isabel Marant's clothes is that they are very easy to make mine - I like a bit of polish on my outfits so I may wear the clothes with more girly things like patent leather shoes and chain bags for instance.

Shoes Valentino
Bag Marc Jacobs
Jacket, Jeans, and Top by Isabel Marant

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