Saturday, September 1, 2012

About Mexican food and boobs

Mexican food is hard to find in Hong Kong. I went somewhere once with a girlfriend - can't even remember the name now, but what I do remember is there was no one else in the whole place. And that's not a common occurrence in a good Mexican restaurant. Every person and their uncle love Mexican food so if it's even remotely edible, there's going to be a crowd.

And if the chef looks like Kurt Cobain, well then there's definitely going to be a crowd of girls. Oh my goodness that chef is soooo good looking AND he cooks some really delicious short ribs. Brickhouse is the place, find it on Facebook HERE and then just go there really really soon. 

I have been really hating my clothes lately and feel i have got nothing to wear for going out. Then a month or so ago, I unearthed a top from the deepest part of my wardrobe with the tags still on.... tags from 1999. It's a DKNY top with a very deep V-neck, and I never felt I had the boobs to carry it off.  But after a few glasses of rosé I had the admittedly brilliant idea to turn the top around, and wear the V in the back. I have a brand new favorite top, and it was sort of free. BTW the rosé that induced this sudden brilliance in me is Scarlet Skirts from Australia. Order this and some lovely moscato as well thru Alistair at 6170 6649 or check out their website at - it's totally delicious, I have been drinking it all summer.

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