Friday, April 20, 2012

Impulse Cinderella

I nowadays manage to stay away from impulse buys - internet shopping has made it much easier, you put in the basket only to realize the next day that you don't really want it that badly. Or if you do still love it, you know it's probably a decent use of your money.

And then Carven arrived at the Landmark.... On the second floor just below DVF is the loveliest brightest happiest shop ever, with more Carven in one room than I have ever seen before. It may be the whole collection, and there are shoes and bags as well. Carven presents such impulse danger, that I shall never go to the Landmark again. But that's too late now. They do too many Cinderella pouf skirts and I can never resist one of those. Add a bow or two, and I revert right back to being 6 years old. Luckily for me, Guillaume Henry actually makes pouf skirts cool with heavy materials like cotton canvas, faille, and gros grain, giving them a slightly more tomboy-in-Paris than Cinderella look. But please don't go there, it's dangerous.

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