Thursday, February 17, 2011

Standout Shoes

I did not end up buying the so-so adequate Miu Miu shoes the other day, because I am going to try from now on to buy only shoes that I think are truly special. I have too many very nice basics already.  Last year's Standouts for me were these 2 Louboutins. The suede grey booties have a Spiderman pattern on them with silver leather peaking out from the cutouts. I'd make a very good Spidergirl in those! The other ones are more simple cage booties, but they just always seem to look great with anything. I am sure I will keep loving both for a long time so I might even say money well spent. But there is always the chance my husband is reading, so what I meant to say I got these on sale :)

The lovelies on the right were bought last season by a Melbourne pal who is one of the most exuberant and fun dressers I have ever come across. The really cool thing about those Zanottis is that the upper 2 straps are sort of loose and don't hug the foot tightly. It creates this really nonchalant effect like you just threw them on, had no time to get dressed. I am pretty sure this girl never buys basics when it comes to shoes. And that's my plan for the season.

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