Monday, March 13, 2017

Zara Bag For The Rainy Season

The Hong Kong picture above was not taken in the rainy season, instead that one represents the pollution season - which is pretty much present all year round. Be careful what you wish for I'd like to say to the people who yearn for a return to coal mining or a repeal of environmental regulations. Soon you'll be breathing the same kind of air we cough up here in China*.

This Zara cheapy is perfect for the season. I love how the color matches my flavor-of-the-month army green jacket. In stores now.

* That's not related to fashion, I know. Did I ever mention I was a politics major in university? That's before I went to FIT. Sorry, it's a case of waar het hart vol van is, loopt de mond van over. Literally translated, the mouth floods with that of which the heart is full. And then it has to come out, I guess. Even right in the middle of a post about a bag.

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