Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Packing For London Again

Black bouclé coat by J.Crew
Cherry print wool jumper by J.Crew
Grey distressed ankle jeans by AG Jeans
Fake fur scarf by J.Crew for Net-à-Porter
Grey V-neck T-shirt by Club Monaco
White and silver sneakers by Raf Simons for Adidas

Every time I am packing I vow to become a better shopper from that moment on. What's obvious today is that I don't always follow this vital shopping rule: return the items you are not willing to wear right away when the opportunity arises.  

If you buy a blazer for an interview on Friday, but when the time comes, you decide it's not quite right, you should return it right away. If you buy an evening dress but then don't feel like wearing it on party night, bring it back as soon as you can.

Because if you truly love something it will be right for the occasion, it's as simple as that. I loved the coat, the jeans, the sneakers and the scarf enough to suffer from nervous anticipation stomach: when you ask for the size and think please please please tell me you have it, because I really want to buy this.

The cherry jumper is where my problem lies. I wanted a cherry dress from the same collection, but that was sold out. On a whim I ordered the cherry jumper online thinking I needed to possess something of that cherry fabric. Three days later, the cherry print popped up in the IFC store on some adorable shoes that I simply had to have.

Another three days later the cherry jumper was delivered, and the print was not quite as fetching on the wool knit as it was on the shoes. But I was sure it was going to work with something, after all it was sort of cute. Since then I have rejected it on more than one occasion because it wasn't quite right.

Not quite right with blue jeans, too dreary with black jeans, too girly with skirts, too messy with other colors (although I am suddenly thinking it could be good with chinos). Annoyed with my laziness (I should have returned the jumper) I am forcing myself to wear it to London. I am also packing a check shirt and a stripy shell and cardigan combo that have been lingering in the back of the closet to punish myself for being a careless shopper too often. That'll hopefully sort me out and the kids' college fund will be safe. Hopefully.

I will be reporting next from the great city of London.

Happy Chinese New Year!  

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