Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holland is beautiful, 2016 edition

A last look at London Christmas lights before we head to my home country of Holland.

On an average winter day in Holland the sky is heavy and opaque, and in this case the old house on the dunes makes for a perfect scary movie set. The wind on the coast is relentless, which means beach sand in your shoes, your hair, and your bag. I can't imagine fashion is on anyone's mind in winter. That said, there were a great many sequins indoors at Christmas. 

Relentless wind stirs the North Sea. The Norfolk coast in England is about 200 kilometers away.

Waiting for a morning train in the south of Holland.

A second hand jewelry shop in Maastricht has an enormous selection of Rolex watches - but all steel or white gold, see some HERE.

A draw bridge in Leiden

The Fort of Leiden, a medieval fort overlooking the city of Leiden and two tributaries of the river Rhine.

Another pretty old square in the city of Leiden.  Back to Hong Kong tomorrow, sad face.

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