Sunday, November 27, 2016

Working as a shop girl in Jordan Baker over Thanksgiving weekend

A pretty beach in Perth, Western Australia. This is as close as I'll get - you know how many big sharks are in that ocean? They've even made it into the nearby Swan river.

My brand new Parker Thatch tote becomes my fave bag on day one. From Jordan Baker, Shop 3 Napoleon Close, Cottesloe.

Jack Rogers and Kule at Jordan Baker

The Stylish Life

Jordan Baker in Cottesloe, Western Australia

With Thanksgiving done and dusted it's time for Christmas trees and nostalgic movie nights. Very high on my list every year is You've Got Mail, because in one of my nine dream lives I have a little shop just like The Shop Around The Corner from the film. This weekend in Perth, or more precisely in Cottesloe, I had a chance to act out my shop girl fantasy at Jordan Baker, a shop opened by two Aussie friends. Let me tell you, it's just as much fun as I imagined. If you are in Cottesloe, go and have a look - it's chock full of perfect Christmas gifts.

I picked up some fun bracelets from Kinsley Armelle

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