Sunday, September 18, 2016

PS: The most stylish people wear well-worn classic clothes

I love fashion as much as the emperor who wore no clothes, and a new clothes purchase lifts my spirits and provides inspiration like few other things can.  If the emperor had not obsessed over fashion to the detriment of his country's prosperity, I would have relished living in his shallow but colorful empire.

To my delight, excessive vanity is no longer a sin in 2016, proven by the omnipotence of Kim K, whose most obvious talent is taking really good selfies followed closely by being meticulous when picking plastic surgeons.

Moreover, spending and shopping are virtues in today's new economic reality whereas prudence and saving are considered bad for our financial future. Negative interest rates are looming and banks may soon be penalizing savers rather than rewarding them with interest like they did in the days when vanity was still a deadly sin.

So what's wrong with a closet full of brand new trendy clothes (or box-fresh sneakers)?  Nothing at all is the answer, but the most stylish people wear well-worn classic clothes.  Well-worn clothes have gathered memories, absorbed perfumes, offered protection from cold, and have become trusty fallbacks in moments of doubt;  the comfort and ease with which the wearer carries them exude a certain confidence, a confidence which enhances style in a much more profound way than the most beautiful handbag ever could (and such a handbag would certainly be much easier to procure).

Well-worn clothes are by definition good quality clothes, because only beautiful cloth and leather can age well. The chic nonchalance associated with well-worn clothes has made Ralph Lauren a super power, and has made brand new ripped jeans a money-spinner for denim retailers everywhere.

So on this Sunday I celebrate the French (for adhering to the principle that fewer clothes of great quality are the only way to achieve true personal style) and the British (for inventing some of the best classic clothes still universally loved today: tweed hacking jackets, mini skirts, and the mackintosh, just to name a few).

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