Tuesday, June 14, 2016

J.Crew Teddie Pants

This is one of those outfits I threw together at the absolute last minute before a dinner party about two weeks ago - and it has been my stubbornly firm favorite ever since. I am constantly airing it out on my mouldy Hong Kong terrace for fear the dry cleaner won't get it back fast enough. I also have the feeling it's only me who loves this outfit so passionately - compliments haven't necessarily come my way while wearing it. But that's okay too cos I secretly feel like Alexa Chung in it, and Alexa is of course my all time style heroine.

smocked top from Zara (find it HERE)
striped cropped wide-leg trousers from J.Crew (find similar HERE)
shoes from Jimmy Choo

I throw on a few bracelets: silver Herm├Ęs (HERE), black J.Crew (HERE), and white with studs from H&M (bought from the H&M in Witney in Oxfordshire for 50 Pence)

I love the J.Crew Teddie pants with slip-on loafers as well.  These are from Topshop (find a white version HERE or the silver ones in the Queen's Road store).

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