Friday, May 27, 2016

Personal Style: Bora from Vienna

Bora at the Palmenhaus in Vienna

I have a super gorgeous friend called Anita. Long before I properly met her, I would often run into her at the Roger Vivier shop in the Landmark, when it was still on the ground floor where Tod's is now. I have a farfetched brilliant theory about the social compatibility of all girls who like block heels, so of course I liked Anita instantly. The truth is that Anita is super model tall, so block heels on her are perfect, while on my shorter frame and goody two-shoes face, they should probably be avoided. But I digress.

She emailed me this lovely photo from Vienna yesterday - Bora was seated near her at the Palmenhaus and Anita asked her about the pretty head scarf she was wearing. It turns out Bora is not just a very beautiful and stylish girl, she is also undergoing chemotherapy, so her scarf was as much a practical choice as a fashion accessory.

I love fashion, but if there is anything even slightly wrong in my life, fashion always takes a back seat and I walk around like a slob, which probably doesn't help whatever was wrong in the first place. Bora is therefore such an inspiration to me - because when you look better, you feel better. And making an effort with your appearance is as much therapeutic as it is fun. It's young women like Bora who make the world a little bit more pleasant to live in, one colourful headscarf at the time.

I am not religious, but I believe in the power of prayer nonetheless. I would very much appreciate it if you could join me in wishing Bora the very best of courage and a speedy recovery.


  1. Thank you stranger for transmitting your beautiful thoughts with such kind words. Made my Monday!

    1. Bora I loved your photo! So nice of Anita to send it to me. All the best for your recovery and send me some snaps sometime of your beautiful outfits! Sounds like we both love fashion!

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