Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day From J.Crew

Sorry for the long absence from I LOVE FASHION - I blame it all on being a mum. In the past three weeks I have been busy with school fairs, school musicals, and class mum duties, to the point where it feels like I live to serve my children. Being a mum is a never ending procession of to-do-lists, rides to school to deliver forgotten violins, and struggles with primary school math problems.

And then there is this: yeah whatever mum, talk to the hand mum, you're so annoying mum... But in spite of all of that there is nothing better than being a mum. There is nothing better than knowing you made them happy after they were sad, or gave them confidence after they were scared. There is nothing better than seeing these little creatures after they're born, there's nothing better than seeing them grow, and for sure there will be nothing more painful than seeing them leave.

This is my own mum, years ago, and I am next to her in my favorite bikini. Hers was coral and white, and mine was white with navy and yellow. She can't have anticipated then, on that holiday in Playa de Aro in Spain, that one day I would move to the other end of the world and I would stay there for more than twenty years. Our mums do everything for us, so that after all that guidance we get to leave, discover, and grow into the people we are. Our mums are super heroes - Happy Mother's Day, dear mums.

P.S.  J.Crew is the best company ever - and I mean ever, ever, ever. At the IFC store the gorgeous team were giving Mother's Day bouquets to customers with every purchase. I just absolutely love J.Crew's spirit xxx

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