Saturday, April 9, 2016

If you are going to wear clunky shoes to a party, #bringyourgame and go with Vuitton


The HSBC building sported the hashtag BRINGYOURGAME last night, in honor of the Sevens rugby tournament in Hong Kong. I was not there, but instead celebrated the eighth anniversary of Sevva, invited by a gorgeous friend, with lots of champagne on the 25th floor terrace and a bad case of poufy hair. Humidity has arrived back in town along with the Sevens, and I now wistfully think of all that cold dry northern Chinese air I have been complaining about for months.

Louis Vuitton sandals at LV in Harbour City, Hong Kong

I wore clunky open toe booties by Chloe and didn't feel so pretty all night. The mirrored bar right next to us didn't help - I couldn't escape those booties even after four glasses of champagne. I think if you go with a chunky heel at night, they may benefit from some embellishment. But only the kind Nicolas Ghesquière invents, like this pretty/cool pair above.

a drone in the sky to video the party - thankfully it couldn't see my shoes

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