Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yeti Boots and Bare Legs at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong

I was just about to do a post on how real women dress for winter, and how no tights in winter looks really good in magazines, but it's not exactly practical in rain and sleet. And then on my way home I found these girls in Lane Crawford, one sensibly dressed for January in Hong Kong and the other defiantly choosing fashion over warmth. Of course this girl also carries the tiniest of Fendi bags - practicality is clearly inconsequential to her. I suspect an Alphard* and driver** are waiting somewhere outside the IFC mall to ferry this young fashionista home...

* an Alphard is a sort of box on wheels, I think it seats 7 people. It's quite comfortable, and de rigueur for locals who are not quite in the Bentley bracket. I am far too vain to ever consider such a monstrosity (at the risk of my kids developing growth problems from being squashed in the back seat of my Mini) but local Hong Kongers don't share my European hang-ups about uncool cars apparently, because Alphards rule the roads of Hong Kong Island.

** speaking of Hong Kongers and their drivers - if you are curious about Hong Kong life you should read Janice Lee's new book: The Expatriates. I am 78 pages in and cannot put it down. Find it HERE.

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