Thursday, November 19, 2015

Indulging In A Birthday Ramble And Recommending Garance Doré

Birthdays inevitably inspire reflection - reflection on shallow things like wrinkles and freckles (at what point are they considered liver spots?) and sometimes the more introspective kind, usually when a 9 has suddenly appeared in your new age.

I did a bit of both. My hands are full of the most darling freckles I have discovered, and freckles they shall be forever. And this year I felt pretty accomplished because my boy and my girl have become such interesting and funny and sweet little humans - and I hope I had a tiny little bit to do with that. After Paris last week it is even more clear to me that we have to appreciate all the tiny little pleasures and kindnesses of life right now in this very moment.

Over the last few weeks a Dutch expression has kept popping up in my head: Je moet mensen in hun waarde laten - which roughly means that every person deserves a level of respect, and deserves to be treated with dignity. It seems terribly irrelevant and old fashioned today, such courtesy, so I am making it my 2016 resolution to keep talking to my children about such values so that these important victories of civilization don't quietly disappear.

Last week my friend Denise organized a gorgeous lunch at Café Gray, on the 49th floor of the Upper House Hotel. I looked around me a few times at the beautiful warm smiles dancing in my direction and I felt utterly sure right in that moment that a sincere smile is the most beautiful thing about any woman. One of my presents was Garance Doré's book Love Style Life. If you love fashion or even if you don't, you must read this book. It's going to inspire you, I promise, and I know Garance agrees with me about the smiles.

Is this the most charming birthday card ever, or what? From Sugar Paper in Los Angeles, find them HERE.

Garance's super useful chapter on how to hide your liver spots look good on camera.

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