Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Huge Apology For Not Posting - I Went To LA

I would have normally posted - but thought my mum would be worried, with the recent plane crashes and all. So I am posting now that I am safely back home in Hong Kong.

I went on a birthday trip with two friends - LA is always a good idea.

And Fall in America is the best season.

We shopped a lot - my favorite haul was from Anine Bing's brand new spacious shop.

Spent a good amount of time in LV - look at the stunning terrace they have attached to their shop. Click on it to see the Hollywood hills in the background.

And Nicholas Ghesquiere's shoes are out-of-this-world beautiful.

If you have not been in Gucci for a while, go check it out. The clothes are so exciting and colorful. I could spent a week in there.

We had a good long rummage through Dior on Rodeo and Raf Simons' designs for the company are so beautiful up close, that I felt quite sad he is leaving. Some designers are at their best when they interpret another company's spirit, in other words when they have to work with parameters. I am not saying Raf Simons is such a designer, but he certainly was brilliant at interpreting Dior for today.

His fabrics are featherlight and relatively casual, but cut into shapes with such a feminine effect that they seem richer than the finest silk. He has made Dior the perfect choice for a (rich) modern millennial girl.

We went to Malibu and the Malibu Farm café, had some coffee/wine and sheltered from the storm.

A storm that then turned into a perfect golden sunset complete with rainbow.

Aviator Nation was by far the funnest shop we visited.

The sweatshirts are softer than anything you have ever worn.

The 1970s have never died at this the hippie surf haven staffed by two gorgeous Austrayans/Australians.

After a glorious week in LA, time to go home. LA was such a good idea.

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