Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Few Recent Faves - Highly Recommended For Your Christmas List

This book was a birthday present and I very highly recommend it as a Christmas gift or just a gift to yourself - it's full of funny and serious anecdotes about clothes by hundreds of different women.

And some very good advice (and justification for your next pair of good shoes)...

My husband bought me this locket by Loquet London - mine has initials in it, but you can add birthstones, zodiac signs and many other charms.

J.Crew's Christmas shoes - there are quite a few very cute sparkly and red tartan styles in the IFC store - not crazy expensive but definitely crazy cute.

Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow - this stuff is like a filter for your face before you have even taken your photo - I slather it on like there's no tomorrow.

A pair of old school sunglasses - the RayBan Caravan. I was reminded of the existence of these classic beauties while watching the movie Aloha, in which Emma Stone wears them. I bought some in Los Angeles and have not worn another pair since. Super highly recommended.

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