Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Miuccia Never Joins the Pack

I did a quick walk around Zara today, and it was hard to find clothes in the freshly arrived Fall collections that did not have some sort of bohemian or romantic styling about them. Zara is always one of the best barometers of what is to come - they seem to adopt only those designs that fit our yet unknown desires perfectly.

One person who never joins the pack, however, is Miuccia Prada. I am still feeling slightly guilty about judging her handbags as bland the other day (HERE), but this is a sincere compliment. Miu Miu's windows at the Pacific Place shop are super cool - a goody two-shoes girl with a bad streak, reminding me very much of fashionable girls in Tokyo. Miuccia may be (a little bit) down, but certainly not out.

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