Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Found My Perfect English Country House, By The Way

Just a real shame it had already been bought by my gorgeous friends Alex and Pete. They bought the cottage when it was a bit of a shambles - the sort of shambles one finds in a three hundred year-old house that was never truly modernized - but after an extensive renovation the listed property is now a perfect mix of antique and modern. We were treated to a delicious dinner and some very potent Beesting cider. Gotta love a host who is unafraid to serve hooch from the local pub in a plastic jerry can.

The word cottage is a rather typical British understatement in this case.

Huge open windows everywhere - this is the bathroom. Light! Fresh air! This is the stuff us HKers can only dream about.

The kitchen is beautiful and I love that Alex's serving bowls match the exquisite blue of the walls.

Beesting Pear Cider - in season, local, and served in a refillable canister. What more can you ask for.

Bedroom views over the village.

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