Monday, July 6, 2015

London: I Did Not Pack A Party Dress

But I did finally lay my hands on a copy of Amanda Brooks' book. Some Waitrose wine and Tyrrell's Poshcorn, and I am happy as a pig in its proverbial excrement.

I have no party dress and am keeping it super simple with Ts and cargos. Not much color and no jewelry - for some reason after 7 years in the very safe city of Hong Kong I am feeling inexperienced about walking around in a city with potential street crime.

I am quite pleased I am staying in Pimlico, a neighborhood I hardly knew until this week. It is rather more posh than Chelsea, i.e. there are lots of British men in brightly colored trousers and linen shirts, and it is more like a village than a city.

Viscount Linley was an early presence in Pimlico and his beautiful furniture shop is a must-see in the neighborhood.

Walking around Pimlico after a snack at the Daylesford Organic Café.

I haven't seen a whole lot of fashion yet because I am here with my two children (which means I did see the Aquarium this morning). But walking through Bond Street earlier this beautiful Fendi window caught my eye.

I now better understand why Princess Kate (I know, I know she's only a Duchess so far) loves the clothes of Emilia Wickstead. These silk coats in the window of her Sloane Street shop were wonderfully delicate in their construction and weight, yet decisively bright in mandarin orange color.

After the 11 Maje shops I mentioned yesterday, I am super happy about the many beautiful bookstores around the city. Foyles on Charing Cross Road is my favorite. We barely have bookstores left in Hong Kong, so my visit to Foyles after the Aquarium this morning was a great treat.

The light and airy entrance to Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road. This is where I finally found Amanda's book. None of the Waterstones I visited had it. From what I have read of it so far it is going to be another firm favorite. Amanda verbalizes what personal style means better than anyone else.

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