Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Five Days In The Country Side And I Am Getting Antsy

The wellies, the Barbour jackets. For f's sake people, why not change it up a bit ever so often?  That said, it has been raining for 3 days so I suppose a Barbour is quite practical for that. And I do have a sense people here like to conform. And that's alright, I suppose I conform all the time, to a different tribe from the Cotswold set, but conforming it is nonetheless. Tonight, however, I am staging a tiny personal rebellion of sorts by going to the pub across the street in a skirt, heels and costume jewelry. Costume jewelry doesn't exist in the country side, so people will probably think my J.Crew crystal paste necklace are diamonds inherited from a great-aunt. And the skirt is a super fabulous find from the H&M store in the historic market town of Witney, Oxfordshire. It is better than the more expensive Maje skirts I tried on last week. In fact I think it is just like Alaïa... Go now while they are still in store - very highly recommended. T-shirt by Maje, shoes J.Crew.

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