Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blenheim Palace and Its Champagne Wagon

I don't think I have ever been to a better tourist attraction - that said, I was there alone with my two children, and would have to drive 40 minutes on windy country roads to get home - so no champagne for me. I very much thought of Miss Welsh in this moment, wondering what she would have done if faced with the wagon under these circumstances.

Blenheim Palace has wonderful grounds to roam and the views are magnificent from all angles.

I love looking at the wood carved details on doors and walls - this palace is as opulent as anything I have seen.

We discussed the week over a pint in the pub across the street (Rose and Crown). Our goal for this holiday is to figure out if we like the countryside well enough to buy a little cottage for weekends. I am not sure yet... I do miss city life already.

Goodnight Shilton, hopefully we'll be back soon. Stay tuned to see if our next destination, Somerset, can turn us into country squires.

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