Monday, June 29, 2015

Inspired By Hussars And Grace Kelly

Uniqlo cardigan and J.Crew T-shirt

Ever since I ripped apart a Stella McCartney Falabella bag (read about it HERE) I have been fashioning stuff out of the enormous amount of chain I was left with. My favorite use by far has been to keep my cardigan from slipping off my shoulders. Only women with the natural elegance of Grace Kelly could walk around with a cardigan casually draped on the shoulders - everyone else and me are likely to fidget with it incessantly. But not anymore since I attached some inches of Falabella chain to it. When you wear it, the chain stretches out over your collar bone. Really pretty and you don't need any jewelry.

Miu Miu cardigan and J.Crew T-shirt

Here I have done the same thing with a J.Crew necklace. Just pin the ends onto the inside of your cardigan's placket. I first thought of doing this when I was re-watching the Sissi trilogy a while ago. Some of the hussar uniforms in the Sissi movies are amazing - the men not only wear tight fitting jackets with gilded details, but also wear a cape over the shoulders held together by some sort of rope, or lanyard. If you love fashion but haven't watched Sissi, you need to watch it! There is a version HERE - you will totally understand why Karl Lagerfeld has such a fondness for Salzburg after you watch this.

Anyway, wearing your cardigan on your shoulders is also a perfect way to make jeans a bit dressier for evening. Just add a simple heel and you can go pretty much anywhere.

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