Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back to Anine Bing

I knew about Anine Bing from a blog called, and after many visits to her site ( I ended up buying these boots. The other thing I adored was a leather biker jacket with cropped sleeves. I have never owned a biker jacket - although they have always been around as a rockstar basic or a utilitarian garment for actual bikers, they weren't really a fashion trend for nice girls until sometime around 2007. And at that time the trend went really big, and women of all ages were dying to get their hands on one with such disastrous results according to editor Sarah Mower of the Daily Telegraph, that she decreed in a subsequently much maligned article that women over 40 should not wear leather biker jackets. She also warned that Kate Moss was getting close to looking horribly wrong in her leather jackets (read more about it HERE).

At the time, I wasn't really interested in buying a biker jacket, probably due to my contrarian nature (if everyone wants it I do not want it anymore) but that article and the outrage from women everywhere have always stuck with me. So I loved the Anine Bing jacket from a distance for a few weeks but didn't get any closer, after all I have reached my forties now.

And then on Monday, the Daily Mail showed pictures of a grey and frail looking Val Kilmer, who is rumored to be ill. For some reason, maybe because he was in Top Gun, I thought he was my age but he is apparently 55. Still, I had a very instant reaction to seeing Iceman looking so frail, and developed a severe mini-midlife crisis at once. What if I would be that frail at 55? How long do I really have left to love fashion? I have never owned a biker jacket!

So screw Sarah Mower - I bought that jacket. And thank you Anine Bing, for making a biker jacket with bracelet sleeves. I hope Val Kilmer gets better soon - I'd love to conclude with an all's well that ends well here ♡

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