Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Find Your Style (but first answer these questions)

iphone snap of one of my fave pages in one of my fave Chanel books - we've got Paris, a girl with windblown hair and a monkey, a white Chanel jacket with black trim (the ultimate), a black bow at the neck, the random chains of pearls....  what's not to love?

You probably already know your style. I bet it's classic with a twist, right? But sometimes it's quite good to re-examine why you wear what you wear. Not least because it makes shopping more efficient, but also because it's good fun. I have answered the first set of questions myself. Tomorrow we continue with more questions based on today's answers.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet: Chanel inspired short boxy jacket and a black blazer.

Favorite outfit: jacket, T-shirt and very dark jeans, Chanel bag and flats. But I am not as tall as I'd like to be so usually it's shoes or boots with a block heel.

What do you wear if all else fails: a J.Crew white 3/4 sleeve perfect shirt and Current Elliott boyfriend jeans with Moschino black shoes, and a Balenciaga black bag.

Favorite color for clothes: navy, or a combination of navy, black and white in one outfit.

Favorite stylish person: Sofia Coppola. I have never seen a photo of her in a bad outfit. But I have a split personality when it comes to fashion because I also love Chanel and Hermès embellishment on absolutely everything. Sofia is never embellished except for matching Verdura cuffs ever so often. I wonder what Sofia would look like if she were styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele? Distant seconds and so forths are Alexa Chung and Inès de la Fressange. These three women all wear block heeled shoes all the time by the way. I love a girl in a block heel. Finally, I also like Kate Moss' style, but not as much as the others'.

Favorite thing to shop for: shoes with block heels!

Favorite type of bag: a bag with a top handle held in the crook of the arm.

Favorite all time brand if money were no object: Chanel merged with J.Crew.

Favorite cut of jeans: medium waist skinny bought one size too big, which I suppose makes it a more of a narrow straight leg.

Favorite shop on a budget: J.Crew and Zara.

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