Thursday, April 23, 2015

Harpers Bazaar: Joan Juliet Buck on dressing your age

some of the issues of Paris Vogue under the leadership of Joan Juliet Buck - models used to have visible pores in those days, i.e. they were sort of human

and my all time favorite issue as well with the superhumanly beautiful Brooke Shields

Joan's issues always showed Paris in the most glamorous light - here with the lovely model Beth Ruppert

If you ever read US Harper's Bazaar you are undoubtedly familiar with their Fabulous At Every Age features. They often seem to be a vehicle to appease advertisers, put together half-heartedly by someone is not likely even 22. But still, I like that they show a lot of fun clothes and accessories which is why I want to read a fashion magazine in the first place. This month (May 2015), however, they have hit the nail on the head with regard to dressing and aging. In Coming of Age Joan Juliet Buck, formerly editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue, talks about her own Hall of Fame style and what has had to change now that she is older.

GREAT STYLE IS TIMELESS - UNTIL IT ISN'T  is the stoically accurate opening line of Joan's essay which continues with a personal list of aging no-no's:  necklaces, black jackets, shoulder pads, any earrings, printed scarves, red lipstick, smoky sexy eye make-up, visibly uncomfortable high heels. She has also put away her amber bead necklace:  my amber beads from pre-perestroika Moscow, which used to be a river of golden light, make me look like I teach poetry part-time while attempting a second career in hand-thrown pots. If you haven't got the issue, make sure you get it - it's a good one.

On Wednesday night I attended a trend talk by Noni Ware, a fashionable friend with many years of experience working for British magazines, and her take on dressing one's age was enlightening. She says women should force themselves to try new shapes and styles, not necessarily to keep up with trends but to stay informed, and not give up on new ideas in fashion, one of the great joys of our lives. I loved her advice because the worst thing for a woman over 40 is to resort to classics only - tie an Herm├Ęs scarf around your neck and you will soon qualify for a senior citizen's discount wherever you go. For more advice from Noni or for a personal shopping consultation, go to her website or contact her HERE.

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