Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another trip to Uniqlo - check out their +J collection

Chloé bag (old)
Zara skirt (or shall I call it vintage?)
Uniqlo +J shirt (in stores now)
Sandra d'Auriol necklace (old)
Isabel Marant sandals (2 years old)

After my last trip to Uniqlo I googled Inès de la Fressange to find pictures of the entire collection she did with the Japanese company. I came across a video in which Inès says white shirts are a tiny beet boriing, and we are better off buying a light blue shirt instead. I thought, yes maybe she is right. Anyway, I went back to Uniqlo again yesterday to have another look at Inès' clothes (sans husband and kids this time) and they are basically all gone - barely anything left really. All I can say is I hope she does another collection for Fall, because what I saw I loved. Taking over part of her racks were white, black and navy shirts from Uniqlo's +J collection, and the white shirts, well, they weren't so boring actually. Before last week I had not been at Uniqlo in years - now I will probably be back there every other day.

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